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Direct Investments

Family Office Direct Investments

Picture of one of our 116 direct investments

The Miami Family Office is a single family office with a direct investment mandate covering real estate and operating businesses. 

The family built its wealth by managing a single operating business and its underlying property.  The family then executed an expansion strategy by first acquiring two locations, then five locations, until it managed twenty-five different locations.  The family then partnered with a publicly-traded company to acquire 300 locations, ultimately leading to the recent sale of that portfolio of assets for more than $500 million.  Integral in the story of this family’s success is the willingness to take calculated risks to build a strong business and to work with exceptional partners when needed.  

At the Miami Family Office, we follow the same strategy to protect our family’s capital for future generations and grow that wealth through co-investments and direct investments.   Our goal is to identify other family office co-investors and acquisition targets that will provide a return on capital for the family.  Our primary investing focus is on acquiring portfolios of real estate assets or operating businesses, but we also consider one-off assets, such as a large operating business or a significant real estate property.

While we are in allocation mode we do currently own 19 fuel stations, an office building, and 93 pieces of commercial real estate nationally, leased out to a major retail corporation.

Learn more about our specific investment criteria on our Real Estate Portfolio or Operating Business Portfolio pages of this website.

If you are looking for a patient source of capital to buy-out a competitor, a co-investor for your single family office, or a partner to work with on a large real estate transaction please get in touch with us by emailing: [email protected].