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Operating Business Portfolio

Family Office Direct Investor

Picture of one of our 19 Operating Businesses

Our single family office seeks to expand our portfolio of operating businesses which are currently concentrated in two different industries. 

Check sizes for transactions range from $10 million up to as high as $1 billion at the high-end.  While we have historically expanded from a single business to form a platform of businesses, our family office will consider acquiring an existing portfolio of related businesses.

We are open to investing our patient capital into a broad variety of direct investment opportunities but we would prefer the following:

  1. $500,000+ EBITDA-producing businesses during the last full year of operations
  2. Only U.S.-based operating businesses (nothing international, for now)
  3. Preference given to businesses based in California, the West Coast, and Florida, but we consider opportunities across the nation.
  4. Operating businesses with a real estate component are of particular interest
  5. Will consider distressed assets

We have the ability to move quickly but we are under no time pressure to flip an operating business in 3-7 years.  We have a team and the experience necessary to navigate complex situations whether they be financial hardships, debt, buy-out complications, or replacing a private equity fund on your cap table.  Please email any applicable deals for us to consider at [email protected].