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Our single family office has a current real estate portfolio worth over $500 million.


Miami Family Office Real Estate Investment

Commercial RE Asset

Real estate has always been an important component of the family’s portfolio.  Today, the family owns a unique real estate portfolio that includes land banks, retail locations, and fuel stations.  Going forward, the family seeks to diversify its real estate holdings by acquiring multi-family assets, commercial real estate, and hospitality-related properties.  You can find detailed information on our current investment mandate here: The Miami Family Office Mandate (PDF)

The family built its wealth by managing a single operating business and its underlying property.  The family then executed an expansion strategy by first acquiring two locations, then five locations, until it managed twenty-five different locations.  The family then partnered with a publicly-traded company to acquire 300 locations, ultimately leading to the recent sale of that portfolio of assets for more than $600 million.  

Family Office Fuel Station Investor

One of our 19 Fuel Stations

Current assets today include:

  1. A Portfolio of 93 Commercial Real Estate Assets
  2. Land banks in the western United States Valued at $35 Million
  3. 19 Fuel Station properties

Currently, we are looking to allocate to the following areas within real estate:

  1. Multi-Family (Apartment Building) Portfolios
  2. Self-Storage Development Opportunities or Portfolios of Assets
    Family Office Real Estate Investor

    Portfolio of 93 Commercial Real Estate Assets

  3. Parking Garages (Standalone or Portfolio)
  4. Fuel Stations (Portfolios Only)
  5. Hospitality/Hotel Assets (Standalone or Portfolio)
  6. Any operating business with a large real estate component

We typically start with a check size of $20 million per deal but we can invest as little as $10 million for the right deal.  We are able to participate in deals of up to $1 billion in transaction size.  We are open to distressed situations in select cases where the family’s real estate and operating expertise can be applied.  Please email any applicable deals to us at: [email protected].